Our System is a synthesis of several different Martial Arts styles from Okinawa, China, Brazil and Japan.
Classes are age appropriate, some material listed below are taught at a later age and rank when the pupil
is mentally prepared for such topics and concepts.
Students will Learn the following:

Judo: The Art of throwing people.

Jujitsu: An art comprised of Joint locks, submissions, holds and escapes from both
stand up and ground positioning.

Karate: A self defense program which teaches striking, blocking, evading, Sparring, Kata & Self Defense.
The Self Defense curriculum covers escapes from: Headlocks, Bear Hugs, Wrist Grabs, Lapel Grabs, Full/Half Nelson, Chokes, Etc.

Kobudo: The study of classical weapons such as the Nunchaku, Bo Staff, Sai, Tonfa, Kama, Tekko, Eku, Escrima, etc.

Fitness: All classes are designed with fitness at the forefront.  Working the varying muscle groups in a manner that does not allow
the practitioner to plateau, comprised of a full body workout, utilizing both cardiovascular and strength building exercises.

Character Development: The ultimate aim of martial arts is not in punching and kicking but in the perfection of one’s character.

Safety Awareness: Students are educated on various safety awareness focuses including outdoor safety, conflict avoidance,
Peer Pressure, etc.

Modern Weapons: Various disarms against the Knife, Gun, Club & Other modern weapons.

FUN!  – No class is complete without a fun activity or drill.